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from ‘Milk and Honey’ by Rupi Kaur

your art

is not about how many people

like your work

your art

is about

if your heart likes your work

if your soul likes your work

it’s about how honest

you are with yourself

and you

must never

trade honesty

for relatability

– to all you young poets 


from ‘To Bless the Space Between Us’ by John Odonohue

For the Artist at the Start of Day 

May morning be astir with the harvest of night;
Your mind quickening to the eros of a new question,
Your eyes seduced by some unintended glimpse
That cut right through the surface to a source.

May this be a morning of innocent beginning,
When the gift within you slips clear
Of the sticky web of the personal
With its hurt and its hauntings,
And fixed fortress corners,

A Morning when you become a pure vessel
For what wants to ascend from silence,

May your imagination know
The grace of perfect danger,

To reach beyond imitation,
And the wheel of repetition,

Deep into the call of all
The unfinished and unsolved

Until the veil of the unknown yields
And something original begins
To stir toward your senses
And grow stronger in your heart

In order to come to birth
In a clean line of form,
That claims from time
A rhythm not yet heard,
That calls space to
A different shape.

May it be its own force field
And dwell uniquely
Between the heart and the light

To surprise the hungry eye
By how deftly it fits
About its secret loss.


by Mary Oliver

“The most regretful people on earth are those who felt the call to creative work, who felt their own creative power restive and uprising, and gave to it neither power nor time.”


Are you a maker? Are you an artist? Elizabeth Gilbert would argue each one of us is a part of the creative community in our own unique ways, and I think so too. Whether you are a maker at home, or in a big, glass building, or a maker in a studio, or out in nature, these words are for you. They are for us all. Let them wash over you and inspire you to keep following that soul of yours.

  • Deanna

    Hi Amanda! Your writings and journey are such an inspiration to me – a new Mama. I’m wondering if you’ve heard of The Cageless Birds? I think you would love their written work “Cultivate”. Especially their new one out called “Creativity Unlocked”. Here is a link to their site https://shop.cagelessbirds.com/products/cultivate-vol-iv-creativity-unlocked

    I’m looking into getting it and thought it would be something up your ally as well.
    Peace & Love.ReplyCancel

  • Carolyn

    Such wise words. I love most of Mary Oliver’s work, but my problem with this one particular poem is that if you are already someone who feels the draw to create but currently has little time or energy to put towards that (hello toddlerhood!) reading these words heightens that sense of anxiety I already feel in myself. Do you feel that too? It’s like she’s verified that yes, if I fail to create then I will be regretful! So I am trying to think about the other ways I’m creating in my day to day life right now, besides writing and taking pictures (my main form of artistic expression). Creating a home environment, for example, or a family rhythm, or a garden. I’m trying to expand my definition of creativity.ReplyCancel