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Our home is many things, but one thing I know for sure, is that it wouldn’t be near as homey if it weren’t for the music we play, sing, work and listen to within these walls the five of us share. Music is the invisible thread that binds us to our experiences, enhancing the ordinary and everyday moments of life at home into ones that feel like a warm weather daydream. Drudgery is for the birds when you’ve got music to get you movin’, am I right?

Washing dishes while listening to Billie Holiday takes me to a pastel place where soapy sudsy are the color of peach sorbet, and anything from the Amélie  soundtrack, no matter if I am folding mismatched socks or chucking summer sweet corn, whisks me off to Paris where I find myself wrapped up my favorite scarf, puttering around the old streets of Montmartre without agenda, aside from dabbling in my curiosities as a wander. Music is what we turn on when we need a bit of a boost, and it’s what we turn up when we’re ready to let loose. It’s what we turn down when we need to be soothed, and it’s what we turn off when instead,  given the gift of birdsong. No matter the time of day, season, or mood, music always adds something. It can’t help itself. And although we cannot see it, it’s very much alive, moving, and present, thoughtfully filling the energy of each and every moment, illuminating all of life in its wake.

With music, a glass of wine becomes a party and a bubble bath a spa. When turned on to mirror the mood of it’s listener, cooking becomes a meditation and gardening a vacation for the senses. It carries with it transcendent qualities that are strong enough lift up sorrow and pain, yet tender enough to whisper a newborn baby to sleep. It’s liquid velvet that you can hear, sounds of the soul that harmonizes with the rhythms of nature. Like a bird, music nests. It drifts and swoops and flies into the home inside of us, where it too makes a rounded, twig-like home in the form of future hums that spring up at random, layered with nostalgic tunes that will no doubt, forever linger.

This seasonal playlist Parisian Daydreams is inspired by the feeling of home I get whenever ponder on my travels to Paris, arguably my favorite place on earth. There is a connection I have to that city, one I can feel signing in the marrow of my bones that makes me homesick in the most hauntingly beautiful and familiar kind of way. There’s a part of me that believes I spent some time there in my past life, on days I think I had those, or perhaps an ancestor like a lively French aunt who lived there and drank in the wild Parisian air for some time. Either way, my soul loves it dearly, and these songs take me to that place that sings my homesong. I hope enjoy it wherever you are, whether on a stroll, kneading bread, or finishing up emails for the day. Let the music make whatever it is you are doing more beautiful than it has to be, for that, my friends, is what music does best.

Extras | You can read more about our Parisian Family Vacation here & listen to more of my playlists on Spotify under the name ‘mamawatters’ as well. This is an instrumental one I enjoy in the mornings!