Are you a type of person who has to write everything down? Andrew and I are both like this. I remember  noticing this about him way back in high school. He, like myself, happened to fall into the category of strange birds who actually enjoyed taking lecture notes. We also passed lovey ones everyday, all day, from class to class to one another. As a couple, we leave lists and quotes and strings of words all over the house, on our phones, tucked in drawers, scribbled in books, and jotted in journals. I guess we figure if we write it, it’ll stick. It was in college that I learned that my preference for writing things down was not so much that I’d look it up later, but that that act of writing itself, the deliberate action of putting pen to paper, was how my brain liked to catalogue and remember things.

Here is a simple way you can write down and remember what you’ve plated in your garden using things you may have around the house. These labels could not be easier or more cost effective to make, here’s how:

Step 1: Gather flat, wooden sticks. You can find these at any craft store or you can eat a bunch of popsicles. I prefer the latter. 😉

Step 2: Type the name or variety of plant you wish to remember using an embossing tool such as this one.

Step 3: Adhere the label to the wood using super glue and let dry. The super glue keeps the label secure so it can withstand harsh winds and heavy rain outdoors.

Step 4: Stick into your garden and label as you go! I made these several weeks ago and they are holding up to the elements beautifully.


  • These label makers are so ridiculously addictive! My home looks like it’s sponsored by them! 😉 Such a cute idea, Amanda. Thanks! xReplyCancel

  • Jennifer Fanucci

    I love the black & white contrast against the fresh pop of green – simple but beautiful. XOReplyCancel

  • Laura

    Amanda – this is so perfect! I just planted a heaps of things yesterday (25th April is a holiday here in Australia) and was wondering how I could label them to keep track of what I have planted! I love these and already have an embosser! thank you!ReplyCancel