Reading Schedule & FAQ


Hello Homesong readers! I am checking in with a book club update to pass along some information about dates and a few other things to help you out as we read together. I have adjusted several things based on your feedback so hopefully these new changes will help our book club flow as smoothly as possible for everyone.

New Dates: We will be reading one book a month and will do one large discussion forum at the end of the month. Thus discussion will fall on the last weekday of the month in the evening. I will send out a reminder several days before and if you are able to join, great! If not, you can chime in the following day if you are across the pond.

I will add new book club members at the end of each month so I am not having to update our list daily, so if you are wanting to join you can hop aboard our next month’s read, no problem.


2017-2018 Book Selections: 

Spring: Books that uncover truths and profound joys we’ve been longing to see, taste, touch, feel and hear. | 944 pages = 10.5 pages a day

Summer: Books that celebrate living a beautiful life, while challenging us to live more boldly with intention. (4 titles because I bet you’ll be traveling and will have more down time to stick your nose in a book!) | 1010 pages = 11.2 pages a day

Autumn: Books that welcome us to explore our brokenness as we adopt a slower, more rhythmic pace at home. | 592 pages

Winter: Books that give us a lens to look inward as we hunker down, recalibrate, and rest before a new year. | 976 pages = 10.8 pages a day


  • How do I sign up to receive newsletters? Contact me here. 
  • How many people are in this book club? Around 450
  • Do I need to answer any journal questions? This is totally up to you. We will use these questions as our springboard for discussion and answering will help you unearth and connect with your book while reading.
  • How often will you send out newsletters? I will send out 2 instead of 4 each month. One at the beginning and one in the middle of the month to check in.
  • When will we have our book club discussions? The last week day at the end of the month. I will send out a newsletter reminder AND share this on social media.
  • What to do if you don’t care for the book we are reading? Well, you’ve got two options: 
    • Read it anyway. Chances are, you will learn something you didn’t know beforehand and you will enrich our discussions. I have read plenty of books that I didn’t flat out fall in love with, but they have me food for thought and challenged my perspective. Sometimes we want books that cater to our season, but other times it’s good, and even healthy, to venture outside of our comfort zone and get our hands a little dirty with something new or unexpected.
    • Skip and join us later. No one is going to force you to read along, so if a particular season isn’t fitting or if you really do not care to read our current selection, no worries! You can join up or take a break at any point that works best for you.
  • What should I do while reading? I encourage you to underline, star, write down, or circle anything that sticks out to you while reading. You may think you’ll remember a certain paragraph or line, but chances are distractions will seep in and you won’t. Doing this as you read will help you greatly when we gather back here to chat about our books. If you are reading on a tablet, keep a fresh piece of paper nearby to write down pages, words or phrases that are meaningful to you.
  • What does subscribing to your blog do? It sends all new blog posts to your inbox.
  • Where can I find the Homesong Book Club posts quickly? I created a tab on the home page called “Book Club” so you can find everything with one click!